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For more than 134 years, Central Co-Operative Insurance Company (CCIC) has been the go-to provider of commercial insurance for insurance agents and insurance brokers. We offer custom business insurance coverage at a competitive cost.

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Commercial Fire Insurance

There are over 200 fires every day at work across the U.S., according to government data. Protect against devastating fire damage repairs with commercial fire insurance.

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Commercial Inland Marine Insurance 

Can cover a multitude of commercial equipment for different types of business entities. Protect your client’s investment with commercial inland marine insurance.

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Special Multi-Peril Insurance (SMP)

Special Multi-Peril insurance (SMP) is a type of business insurance policy that includes property and liability coverage.

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Contractors Insurance

Contractors insurance provides essential liability coverage to contractor businesses.

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Farmowners Insurance

A farm insurance policy is a type of policy for insureds with any type of farm exposure.

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Business Owners Insurance 

Also referred to as BOP insurance, provides fundamental commercial insurance coverage for large to small businesses.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Sometimes known as equipment breakdown insurance, provides essential coverage for businesses, covering the cost of repairing or replacing broken equipment or technology.

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Insurance agents and brokers whose clients need mechanical breakdown insurance may also need other types of commercial insurance.

CCIC has been a depended upon provider of custom commercial insurance policies for decades, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Fire Insurance
  • Commercial Inland Marine Insurance
  • Special Multi-Peril Insurance
  • Farmowners Insurance
  • Business Owners Insurance (BOP)

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