Commercial Inland Marine Insurance

What is Commercial Inland Marine Insurance?

Commercial inland marine insurance provides important coverage for businesses and organizations when they transport or warehouse covered products or materials. Whether the items are in transit or at the insured location, a Commercial Inland Marine Policy will respond to the theft or damage to the insured property. This can also include coverage for farm machinery or livestock, artisan tools, equipment or materials to name a few.

Agents and insurance brokers have partnered with Central Co-Operative Insurance Company (CCIC) for their commercial insurance needs for more than 134 years. This dependability includes being a trusted provider for commercial inland marine insurance.

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Commercial Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

warehouse insuranceWe understand that behind every policy number is a person. Because everybody’s different, we understand that each person’s policy needs will be different. Knowing this, CCIC provides custom commercial inland marine insurance coverage that’s custom for each policyholder. Insurance brokers and agents partner with CCIC on a regular basis to obtain the best commercial inland marine insurance policy for their clients’ individual needs.

For 134+ years, insurance agents and brokers have trusted CCIC when they need a commercial insurance policy. Our longevity is a result of our commitment to personal, efficient service.

At CCIC, our staff of experienced, knowledgeable insurance claims professionals makes the claims process as painless as possible. Our claims team is ready and capable, providing efficient turnaround of claims. In addition to resolving commercial inland marine insurance claims quickly, our staff always provides friendly and approachable service.

Get Commercial Inland Marine Insurance Claims Handled Easily

At CCIC, we care about our employees, and our employees care about our clients. CCIC provides our claims team members with a generous benefits package and an empowering office culture that makes each member of our team feel appreciated and valued.

We pay it forward for our team, and our team pays it forward for our clients. Our outstanding claims department is known for their efficient claims processing and personal service.

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